Application Software

Purchases of any RTGOM detector include a number of software offerings as described below.


This powerful application automatically detects multiple RTGOM’s and provides production-ready in-situ monitoring and logging capability.  Bar was developed with the multi-point layer thickness application in mind.  Its color-coded thresholds provide immediate visual feedback for machine operators relative to any out-of-spec coating thickness.

bar v2



This program provides a GUI interface for bench-top use for monitoring instantaneous and trends of optical density or  %transmission across the width or length of a substrate.  Trend supports either single optical monitor operation or reference configurations, where a second device is monitoring the light source stability and drift.



This application takes advantage of the RTGOM’s ability to run in a “headless” configuration.  The device can be programmed to store light measurements, at a user-defined frequency.  The device can then be inserted into the measurement environment, powered by either a power cord or a battery.  The device will then collect data and store it in on-board FLASH memory for later download and analysis.  Customers have used this technique to quickly introduce the RTGOM into their environment, including vacuum chambers, for quick verification of the device capabilities.



This is a command line utility for basic, yet flexible interaction with the device.  The utility is also an excellent tool for familiarizing yourself with the RTGOM API for custom applications.