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IRIS 8-in-1 Environmental Monitor

This device is a highly-integrated collection of sensors allowing high-resolution environmental monitoring toward the goal of optimizing your office or commercial space for employees and customers.


Model Description
IRIS ENV-FP Iris Environmental Monitor, Flex Power
IRIS ENV-WM Iris Environmental Monitor, Wall Mount
IRIS HLS-OD1 High Light Spectrum option. Increases spectrum and CCT lux range from approximately 10-1K lux to 100-10K lux.

IRIS Relative Humidity, Temperature, and Light

Our "Rittle" device combines the most prominent environmental factors into a single device.


Model Description
IRIS RHTL-FP Iris RHTL Monitor, Flex Power
IRIS RHTL-WM Iris RHTL Monitor, Wall Mount

IRIS Temperature and Relative Humidity

Monitor the basics within the same, extensible IoT sensor framework.


Model Description
IRIS RHT-FP Iris RHT Monitor, Flex Power
IRIS RHT-WM Iris RHT Monitor, Wall Mount

IRIS Portable Kits

Complete kits, including cellular hot spot for a "Zero-IT" solution to your mobile monitoring and auditing needs.

Part# IRIS ENV-FP1 Audit, IRIS ENV-FP3 Audit

Model Description
IRIS ENV-FP1 Audit Rental Iris ENV-FP x 1, Mini Tri-Pod x 1, Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries, L&M Cloud Hot Spot w/Service, Monthly Rental.

IRIS Cellular and IoT Service Plans

Model Description
L&M Cloud Hot Spot w/Service Annual WiFi to LTE Modem Rental with 2G/mo Data Plan.
IoT Service Plan (Required) Annual, per-device service including 1-yr cloud service, variable collection interval.
Additional Azure AD Login Additional, Secure Login to Cloud App, Per Year