Apollo Sliver 254


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In more technical applications, where you only want to see the dose resulting from the 254nm spectral line of your UV-C disinfection solution, Apollo Sliver 254 does just that. Underneath the TRU2UV UV-C filter technology, Sliver 254 adds a narrow-band 254nm bandpass filter.

Standard Calibration Wavelength: 254nm

Typical Irradiance Measurement Range: 20 uW/cm2 – 400 mW/cm2 @ 254nm

Includes initial calibration

Lead Time : 2 to 4 weeks

NOTE: A custom Apollo USB cable (APOLLO-CBL-01) is required if connection to a computer is needed (for custom Target Dose setting and other features).


Additional information

Spectral Range (90% R)

238nm – 262nm

Power Range

20 μW/cm2 – 400 mW/cm2 @ 254nm (nominal)