The SignUp product is an OEM product integrated by LED signage and LED lighting providers.  Please call for more details.

SignUp VCP (Voltage, Current, Power) Sensor

Part# 170004

The SignUp VCP sensor detects the voltage, current, and power at each LED power segment.

  • Wide voltage range: 0 - 36VDC
  • High current:  0-15A continuous
  • Wide temperature range: –40°C to +85°C operation
  • High accuracy for detection of small power changes (0.15% gain error and 5mA offset error)
  • 2500V RMS isolation between monitor and LED power

SignUp VCP (Voltage, Current, Power) Multiplexer Board

Part# 170005

The VCP Multiplexer Module connects up to 16 VCP sensors to the SignUp IoT Module.

  • 16 VCP module connections via RJ45 connectors
  • Proprietary line drivers allowing 50 feet between the VCP Multiplexer and the VCP sensors
  • Auto-discovery of connected VCP sensors
  • On-board status LEDs for network and IoT connectivity as well as LED power status
  • On-board push button switches for One-Button-Calibration, re-scanning, and secure cloud app access
  • Off-board (panel mount) status LEDs and push buttons available via on-board jumpers

SignUp IoT Module

Part# 170006

The SignUp IoT module hosts the application code that controls the 170005 VCP Multiplexer Board.  Features include:

  • 50-pin header quick-connect to the 170005 VCP Multiplexer board allowing flexible mounting configuration
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi to Cellular Connectivity
  • Standard barrel connector or terminal plug options for power (5V/1A) connections

Products and specifications subject to change.