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100% Coverage Across Your Web with the Infinity Series Products

The L&M Instruments light sources and optical monitors provide a modular solution for many industrial optical monitoring applications.  The elegant simplicity of the design allows easy installation in-line within your process, as well as on the bench tops within your engineering and QA labs, together creating a single “truth” relative to your critical optical process variables.

Metal Layer Monitoring Color Monitoring Light Sources and Optical Monitors

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Flexible Packaging


Our Vacuum-Ready solutions are dust-proof, rugged, and will run for decades.  We monitor your barrier packaging, your microwave susceptor layers, and anything else that has a critical process property that can be measured with optical transmission, reflectance, or density.
Thermal Transfer Films



 Large heat transfer film manufacturers employ L&M technology to pull the QA optical measurement process into production where it belongs. Quality heat transfer printing demands uniformity across the various layers employed in the process.  Sampling the end of the roll is no longer sufficient to meet the demands of today’s customers.
Windows Film


Window films have obvious light transmission (visible) and reflectance (heat energy or infrared radiation) requirements, depending on the installation climate and preferred appearance. The L&M products can provide cost-effective, 100% cross-product coverage for RGB and NIR components of the response.
 Film Capacitors


Film capacitors offer many advantages including low ESR and ESL as well as “self-healing”. The “self-healing”, along with the capacitor tolerance, depends on a continuous uniform metal layer. The Infinity Series 100% coverage can identify optical layer thickness issues in-line where they can be resolved in real time.
 Decorative Coatings


 Decorative coatings are usually all about pizzazz…and color. Consistent color.  The L&M Infinity Series monitors 100% coverage across the width of the product in either transmission or reflectance mode to guarantee RGB color consistency shift-to-shift, week-to-week, machine-to-machine, factory-to-factory.
 Film and Sheet Production


Film and sheet production require demanding tolerances around spectral transmission and reflectance. For the first time, 100% product width can be simultaneously and continuously monitored for RGB and NIR optical properties with the new L&M Infinity Series.
 Anti-Counterfeit Coatings


Modern duplication technology has increased the need for anti-counterfeiting measures in personal ID’s and currency.  L&M is deployed in this secretive industry to better manage coating uniformity in-line, where it matters most.