Apollo UV Sensing Technology

L&M's technology is deployed inside ultraviolet (UV) metering devices related to UV curing and UV disinfection applications.  Whether you work in a healthcare environment that utilizes UV-C disinfection, or you have consumed yogurt from a plastic cup that was UV-disinfected prior to being filled with yogurt, or you work within a building with a UV-C disinfecting HVAC system, there  is a high likelihood that L&M's technology has been a part of your life.  From early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, the same technology was deployed as part of surgical mask disinfection systems, allowing masks to be safely reused multiple times as hospital staffs dealt with PPE shortages.  As companies continue to conceptualize and develop innovative systems to proactively deactivate pathogens with UV light, L&M, along with its ISO17025 partners, would welcome the opportunity to play a part in your product design.

got dose?

Apollo Quad Pack

    Any of our Apollo products can be shipped in an easy-to-carry 4-pack tote. Convenient stand-alone kit for lab testing or room robot placement testing, or easily attach to your robot assembly for per-cycle UV-C dose verification.

Apollo Robot I

    Our most popular and least expensive model for UV-C robot initial setup and ongoing verification. More accurate and more readable than a dose card and less expensive over time. Works with 254nm solutions and pulsed/flashed broadband solutions alike. Use as a 100 mJ/cm2 dose indicator out-of-the-box or program the 100% dose target to your custom requirements.

Apollo Robot II

    Apollo Robot II stretches the Apollo Robot I spectral range into the Far-UV, allowing for higher-power Far-UV dose monitoring as well as broadband source monitoring that emits energy throughout the full UV-C spectrum.

Apollo Sliver 254

    In more technical applications, where you only want to see the dose resulting from the 254nm spectral line of your UV-C disinfection solution, Apollo Sliver 254 does just that. Underneath the TRU2UV UV-C filter technology, Sliver 254 adds a narrow-band 254nm bandpass filter.

Apollo Far

    Apollo Far adds extreme TRU2 UV-C filtering to monitor lowlevel Far UV-C excimer sources while filtering out bright visible, UVA, and UVB light that might be present from natural or artificial lighting.

Flexible Deployment and Integration Options