Smart Sensors for LifeTM

L&M Instruments lives at the intersection of Lighting and IoT.  Lighting impacts every aspect of our work and personal lives.

Comfort, health, productivity, and safety are all affected by the lighting around you.

Let us help you put things in the right light.

Proven Technology

L&M's "RTGOM" light sensing solutions are  a combination of proprietary and patented technologies used by the who's-who of high tech corporations and research universities with applications ranging from blood analysis to smart phone camera flash optimization.


The L&M IoT Smart Sensors for Life products not only pack a multitude of sensory functions into a single unit, but also pack the processing power to provide scale-out edge computing for complex functions such as spectrum analytics and flicker sensing and derivation.

Sensor-to-Cloud Native IoT

Our Sensor-to-Cloud Native IoT architecture eliminates the need for on-site infrastructure and provides scale-out without worry.  Telemetry data flows directly to Azure-hosted cloud infrastructure where it is immediately transformed into analytics and alerting by the L&M responsive app front end.

Sample Use Cases

LED Lighting

Flicker, L70, Chromaticity, LEED Lighting Requirements, Egress Lighting Compliance

Collections Management

Ambient Lighting Levels, Color Temperature, Temperature, RH, Motion-Sensed Traffic Patterns


Spectrum Monitoring, Yield Analytics, Potency Analytics

Ergonomic Lighting

WELL Building Standard Lighting Requirements, Initial Assessments, Continuous Monitoring

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