We develop precision, research-grade sensing technology for scientific, commercial, and industrial applications.  We license technology to OEM partners as well as manufacture and sell products and services.  Our technology is used by over a hundred organizations worldwide including some of the largest tech companies, and some of the most prestigious research universities in the world.   We have three technology areas that we are focused on including Smart Sensors for LifeTM, Ready-To-Go Optical Monitoring Technology, and In-Line Optical Density Monitors.




Our latest initiative involves taking research-grade sensors into the Internet-of-Things (IoT) realm.  We have combined our light sensing expertise with industry-leading spectrometry technology as the core of a new IoT Environmental Monitor.  The “LMIoT” can be placed anywhere, monitor health risks such as light flicker, compliance issues such as egress lighting levels, productivity parameters including correlated color temperature, and much more.  Our high sensor integration, including not only common items such as temperature and relative humidity, but also human presence and UVA and UVB, allow a single platform to cover a multitude of environmental monitoring applications.  But the sensors are just the beginning.  Cloud-based monitoring and analytics are in place to create actionable intelligence as it pertains to running healthier, safer, more efficient operations.  Stay tuned as we work with our early partners to further develop this technology.






Our Ready-To-Go Optical Monitoring (RTGOM) technology is our core radiometric light-sensing technology.  It combines a precision, auto-ranging light-sensing front end with a low-power, custom-build processing engine.  The technology can be combined to create stand-alone, WiFi-connected light sensors, touch-screen enabled hand-held units, low-profile hazardous area sensors and more.   Sample applications include: monitoring smart-phone flash outputs for tuning flash algorithms; monitoring precise radiometric levels for the inspection of blood content; sensing UV light levels used within the curing process; monitoring the blinking light at the end of an airplane wing…and more.





We got our start, back in the 1980’s, with In-Line Optical Density monitors.  We continue to support our original customers and the rest of the “Converting” industry by providing precision, rugged optical density monitors for use in these harsh environments.  Our “MTOMK” kits are our most popular product for the converting industry.  The kit includes a precision light source paired with a precision optical monitor.  Multiple MTOMK’s are typically purchased together for multi-point optical density monitoring across a web, either in vacuum or atmosphere.



Our 2nd generation precision “RTGOM” Ready-to-Go Optical Monitor provides a variety of spectral range capability as well as multiple connectivity options including USB, RS485, 4-20mA, and DC voltage.

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