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Iris Multi-Sensor IoT Monitor

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Apollo UV Sensing Technology

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Kratos SignUp Signage IoT Monitor

High Resolution LED Signage Monitor

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Key Features

Proven Technology

L&M's "RTGOM" light sensing solutions are  a combination of proprietary and patented technologies used by the who's-who of high tech corporations and research universities with applications ranging from blood analysis to smart phone camera flash optimization.


The L&M IRIS Smart Sensors for Life products not only pack a multitude of sensory functions into a single unit, but also pack the processing power to provide scale-out edge computing for complex functions such as spectrum analytics and flicker sensing and derivation.

Sensor-to-Cloud Native IoT

Our Sensor-to-Cloud Native IoT architecture eliminates the need for on-site infrastructure and provides scale-out without worry.  Telemetry data flows directly to Azure-hosted cloud infrastructure where it is immediately transformed into analytics and alerting by the L&M responsive app front end.

Iris Smart Sensors for Life®

"Capabilities are much better than what we have today, and with extremely amazing cloud integration"

The IRIS Smart Sensors for LifeTM are built from the ground up to be highly-integrated, "research grade" IoT monitoring solutions.  The incorporation of spectral power density, light-level monitoring, temporal lighting artifacts / flicker, temperature, relative humidity and more make these devices one-of-a-kind for both short-term audits and long-term longitudinal studies.  The expert motion detection capability in all the IRIS sensors ensures the human element is never left out of the equation.  The immediate cloud integration into Azure makes data retrieval simple, allowing professionals to focus on their value-added analytics and insights.  Whether you are evaluating a space as part of the architectural lighting sales process, or looking into the long-term affects of color-temperature control on productivity, IRIS will open up a spectrum of possibilities.

Sample Use Cases


The WELL Building Standard's lighting recommendations span fourteen pages, with a heavy emphasis on lighting quality and access to daylight.  The LEED green building scoring system focuses on energy reduction with and daylight harvesting.  At the same time temporal lighting artifacts (TLA's) introduced by the proliferation of LED's have introduced new challenges into lighting management and safety.  The highly-integrated lighting analysis capability of IRIS, along with its flexible power capabilities and sensor-to-cloud IoT integration provide unparalleled benefits for pre-sales space evaluation, pre-occupancy auditing, and long-term environmental monitoring.


Google "circadian lighting", "lighting flicker", "melanopic lux".  There is a tremendous amount of research being done to uncover the relationship among our working and living environments, our health, our comfort, and our productivity.  What if an improvement in lighting can increase both productivity and job satisfaction?  What if a change in color can improve the creative juice flow to increase competitiveness?  These are admittedly tricky questions with complicated answers.  Critical to this research is robust, continuous environmental monitors with tight integration into the data analytics process.  The IRIS sensors are built for this.


The power of now.  Highly-Integrated IoT will replace the data-logger.  And for obvious reasons.  It is not enough to know, twenty-five days from now, that the new LED's you installed created a temporal lighting artifact that made the high speed rotating blade look like it was still.  It is not enough to know, two weeks from now, that the temperature of your precision-controlled production environment went out of specification.  The time to know about environmental impacts affecting health, safety, and productivity is now.   The IRIS sensors follow an intricate, yet tightly-coupled path from the environment they are monitoring, to the Azure cloud, and into your capable hands wherever you are.

Specific Examples

LED Lighting

Flicker, L70, Chromaticity, LEED Lighting Requirements, Egress Lighting Compliance

Collections Management

Ambient Lighting Levels, Color Temperature, Temperature, RH, Motion-Sensed Traffic Patterns


Spectrum Monitoring, Yield Analytics, Potency Analytics

Ergonomic Lighting

WELL Building Standard Lighting Requirements, Initial Assessments, Continuous Monitoring

Kratos SignUp IoT Power Monitor

Don't let your brand go dark

Every store front has a sign, usually a lighted sign to be seen at night.  Fast food restaurants and gas stations have several lighted signs to grab the attention of drivers looking to re-fuel themselves or their cars.  But the sad truth is that lighted signs (a) always experience failures and (b) failures are rarely addressed in a timely manner.  Sometimes it takes years.  Yet the sign is the company's brand in lights.  A partially lit sign sends a message.   An unlit sign unwittingly says "shop somewhere else".

Innovative Yet Familiar

The SignUp technology merges IoT and modern power monitoring technology, while being built from the ground up to look and feel familiar for signage folks.  Intelligent power monitors run in-line with lighting elements.  Communications use a reliable line-driving technique, up to 50ft (15m) on each monitor, over standard Cat5/6 cabling with RJ45 termination.


While the underlying technology and cloud communications are intricate, the SignUp interface could not be simpler.  Each SignUp module has a unique serial number.  Upon installation a single push of a button captures the sign's baseline vitals (voltage, current, and power), and an eMail address is associated with the serial number.  When the sign has an issue, an Email is immediately sent.

Examples Are Everywhere

Sample Use Cases


Every store property, be it franchised or wholly-owned, has signage requirements.   The sign is the most important piece of hardware on the property.  It is what catches the attention of potential customers.  The astute brand manager drives not only signage requirements but also signage availability requirements, on the order of full-functioning at better than 99.5% of the time.  L&M's SignUp technology provides the continuous monitoring and immediate feedback to maintain such availability.


Signs are becoming more sophisticated.  At the same time, the market is demanding longer warranties.  "Why shouldn't my sign, with twenty year LEDs, be warrantied for at least ten years," the customers will ask.  Because a sign is LED's, and drivers, and power, and a healthy dose of Mother Nature to keep things interesting.  Sign providers can differentiate themselves with simple, value-added features such as SignUp IoT Power Monitoring.


As the LED "guts" become commoditized, suppliers will need to provide more advanced solutions in order to compete.  These advancements, in alignment with the needs of the brand managers, are focused on grabbing attention and increasing sign uptime.  The L&M SignUp technology addresses uptime with real-time power monitoring and Email alerts.  The technology provides a simple "bolt-on" capability, matching high-tech IoT hardware with familiar interconnects.

Kratos SignUp Module Sample Diagram

L&M Cloud

Native IoT

The L&M Cloud solution is built from the ground-up for direct Sensor-to-Cloud integration.  Simply power on the device, connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Cellular, and start your monitoring experience.

Any Device

The responsive Cloud App works with PC's, MAC's, tablets, and Smart Phones.  The interface is identical across platforms, ensuring ease of use as monitoring and management moves from the desk to on-the-go.

ZeroIT Options

L&M provides "ZeroIT" options with pre-activated cellular hot-spots for both IRIS and SignUp product lines.  This allows a fast on-ramp to IoT monitoring and device management.

Proven Tech

L&M's sensing technology has been licensed for use in products that end up at technology companies around the world.  Below is just a sampling of those companies.